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> Has your running or lack of running got you feeling down?

>Are you constantly feeling stiff and would like a longer stride

>Would you like to get stronger for your running but don't know what to do?

>Would you like to be proactive when it comes to injuries?

You Don't Have to Be Confused Anymore

I am a sports physical therapist/athletic trainer with 30+ years of experience working with runners and other athletes from beginners to professionals. I have always had a passion for running and for helping athletes reach their maximum level of performance.

Regardless of whether you are new to running or a savvy veteran, I can help you improve your health, running and performance with my runner specific rehab programs for mobility, strength and nutrition or with hands-on physical therapy if you live near or in Bend, Oregon.

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Robyn From Runner's Rehab Fix Can Help

Programs for Runners & Therapists

Mobility, strength and nutrition programs for runners - at your convenience

Mobility Programs

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Runner's Total Mobility Fix

Runner's Ankle Mobility Fix

Improve your ankle mobility to increase your running performance and decrease your risk of injury.

Runner's 28 Day Mobility Fix

Level up your running by focusing on the 3 mobility problem zones for runners: thoracic, hips and ankles.

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Learn how to become Mobilty Fit for running so you never have to miss another mile because of pain.

Improved hip mobility can help you achieve smoother and longer strides.

Runner's Hip Mobility Fix

Strength Programs

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How well you breathe is directly connected to your performance, stability, and how durable you are as a runner.

Breathe Well

Run Well


Core Fix

Runner’s Hip Fix

Level up your glutes and hips with with this program that delivers max results with a corrective and strength programs.


2 Core Strong

Reshape strength with every step forward with this 4 week foot to core integration program.

Learn to finally train your core for results! This program includes two 8-week sessions that provide you a blueprint to a new you.

Live Seminar for Therapists


Hey Therapists!

Learn how to Optimize Runner's Health by Unleashing the Fascial Advantage!

June 1, 2024

Eugene, OR 97401

7 CEUs

Runner's Ankle Mobility Fix

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Take A Peek

For a quick introduction and demonstration of how to use the Online Programs, watch the video below narrated by Robyn.

Online programs through Runner's Rehab Fix include:

  • PDF Handouts for easy reference
  • Video demos of each exercise
  • Programs for all fitness levels
  • 24/7 access your program anytime
  • Ability to Ask Your Coach ?'s
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Happy Clients

Robyn's energy and enthusiasm for getting her clients in the most optimally functioning condition are unsurpassed in my experience. She has breathed life and joy back into my running- and because of her work, I set PRs in 100 miles, 100k, 10k and marathon all at the age of 46.

Robyn, whose heart and mind brought me back from injury to the 2010 USA 5 K Champion, I am forever grateful.

Meghan Laws

Becky D.

Lauren Fleshman

Professional Ultra-Runner & Coach

Master Runner

Pro Runner & Author

If 10,000 hours is the criteria for mastery, she has that and more, much more. Robyn has been my pt for over 6 years. As a 66 year old runner, I’m certain I would not still be running if it weren’t for Robyn.


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