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Are constantly struggling with hip or foot issues?

Want decrease your risk of future running injuries?

Have a faster, stronger stride?

Crush your running goals?

Runner's Hip Strength Program

6 Assessment Tests specific for the runner capture stability at foot strike and strength at push-off.

From here runners learn the key secret to success...if you can’t decelerate and stabilize the forces that occur at foot strike (HINT 3x’s your body weight) you can’t have a strong, effective stride for push off or be injury proof.

With a solid blueprint about what specific stability deficiencies you may have with either foot strike or push off, I will guide you through a progressive Corrective Program that addresses all 3 planes of movements to ensure maximum results.

These are the same exercises and progressions I use with my professional runners and they will work for you as well. Once you have corrected your imbalances and leveled up your stability, you can jump into my Strength program. This program takes you from the horizontal to vertical in a progressive manner making sure that you have had a chance to build strength the basic movement patterns (such as all 4’s, half kneeling, squat, lunge, and single leg stability) finishing with exercises that mirror the running motion for a strong, symmetrical stride.

If you have questions feel free to reach out to me…just click “ask a question” in your member’s area and I will get back to you. What do you say, let's do this!

CURIOUS how Runner’s Hip Strength Fix helps runners get stronger and stay healthy?


PDF Handouts for easy reference

Video demos of each exercise

Runner's Hip Stability Assessment to give you a blueprint of your deficiencies

A 6 week corrective program and a 6 week strength program break with 24/7 access.



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Meet Your Therapist

Robyn Pester,MS, PT, ATC, CSCS

Running and Wellness Expert

I am a physical therapist, athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist.

For the past 30 years I have helped runners of all abilities run stronger, smarter and stay healthy.

I love helping runners reach their goals and am excited to help you in yours.

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