My name is Robyn

I am a sports physical therapist/athletic trainer with 30+ years of experience working with runners and other athletes from beginners to professionals. I originally opened my physical therapy practice in 2003 in Eugene “TrackTown” Oregon and practiced there until relocating to Bend, Oregon in April of 2021.

I have always had a passion for running and for helping athletes reach their maximum level of performance. I know the endless cycle of injuries that can hit a runner when injuries are not fully resolved and how emotionally devastating this can be. That is why over the past 30 years I have continued to add to my extensive manual therapy skills as well as fine-tune my “Run Strong By Design System". I have used this to help hundreds of clients return to running, following injuries as well as discover their true potential and joy for running.

I am a native of Montana and a graduate of the University of Montana where I received Bachelor degrees in Athletic Training (1988) and Physical Therapy (1994) as well as a Fighting Duck from the University of Oregon where I received a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine (2000)

My experience includes serving as the lead PT for the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Trials for Track and Field, consultant for Nike and University of Oregon athletes, an instructor for the University of Oregon Master’s Sports Medicine Program, Certified TPI Golf Fitness and Medical Provider, and owner of Runner’s Rehab Fix.

Outside of my passion for working with runners, you can find me running, golfing, paddle boarding, hiking, biking, and volunteering at the humane society during my off time.

Runner’s Rehab Fix

Robyn's Training & Certifications

Licensed Physical Therapist

Master's Degree in Sports Medicine

Certified Athletic Trainer

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Certified Titleist Performance Institute for Golfers

Certified Graston Technique

Certified Fascial Abrasion Technique

Over 30 Years of Experience


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from one of the Online Programs?

My online programs all include an assessment screen to help you identify what the key areas you should focus on and in what order.

I have included PDFs with pictures for a quick access of your exercises as well as videos that review proper form for each exercises to ensure that you are doing them correctly.

My strength and conditioning programs come with beginner and advanced 6 week programs that you can follow.

Lastly in your member's portal you will find a button that you can click to ask me a question if you ever need additional help.

What you can expect from an in-person Physical Therapy Session

The initial evaluation is 75 minutes and follow-ups are 60 minutes.

I will perform a biomechanical assessment, followed by manual therapy techniques to address any joint or soft tissue issues we discover.

Finally I will give you a tailored home exercise program to correct any muscle imbalances you might have as well as homework to reinforce your new movement patterns.

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