Did you know that how well you breathe is directly connected to your stability, performance and how durable you are as a runner?

  • You are a mouth breather when you run?
  • Are always battling injuries or get frequent colds
  • Get out of breath when running
  • Want to run longer with less fatigue
  • Would like a stronger core
  • Find that extra performance edge

This program is for YOU if...


In "Breath Well, Run Well" you will discover why your breathing muscles are the #1 factor affecting your performance and how injury resistant you are.

You will also learn that a lack of oxygen is not the problem but a lack of carbon dioxide is. I will break down how to become more CO2 tolerant and how this improves running endurance and perceived effort.

Learn to Finally Train Your Core for Results!

Learn a proven breathing technique for running that decreases injuries

Take the 5 Point Breathing and 4 Point Posture Assessments to gain key insights into how to start immediately improving your breathing, running & health.

Learn 6 key stretches to improve your breathing & running mobility?

Plus what breathing drills to do to enhance your recovery after a run, what foods improve your breathing, breathing drills that help you maintain fitness if you get injured and more. This course is packed to take you to the next level.

Level up with foundation breathing drills for 3 Dimensional Breathing that help you access all 5 lobes of your lungs and not just the upper 2.

Strengthen your diaphragm in just two 3 minute sessions a day

Breathing techniques that bring the mountain to you that effectively simulate high altitude training.

Next integrate the diaphragm with the rest of the deep core with runner specific core exercises

Discover how doing warm up exercises for your breathing muscles can increase performance by as much as 10%

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Video demos of each exercise

Beginner & Advanced 8 Week Core Plans

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Robyn Pester,MS, PT, ATC, CSCS

Running and Wellness Expert

I am a physical therapist, athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist.

For the past 30 years I have helped runners of all abilities run stronger, smarter and stay healthy.

I love helping runners reach their goals and am excited to help you in yours.

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